Montana: The Freeway of Fish
Credit: Circumero Stock

No one is saying the fish will jump into your boat. But thousands of trout per mile on the Beaverhead, Ruby, and Big Hole Rivers – all converging on tiny Twin Bridges (pop. 375) – create trout congestion like no other place. It's been a mecca for anglers from all over the world. "Our fish love it here because there's nowhere farther away from civilization," says local fly-fishing legend Greg Lilly. Clear Big Sky air, ice-cold snowmelt waters, open valleys, and rich, buggy habitat make this area ideal for the fish and visitors. "This is an authentic Western town," says Lilly.

Getting there: From Butte, drive an hour to Twin Bridges, where the Kings Motel offers packages including fishing, meals, and a room from $1,590.