Nevada: Burning Man for Gearheads
Credit: Brian Butko

During May's Nevada Open Road Challenge and September's Silver State Classic Challenge, you can legally drive down a straight 90-mile section of Route 318 as fast as your horsepower allows. Last year, the Guinness World Record for highest speed was broken on this public highway, with one competitor in an ex-NASCAR Dodge Charger reaching over 243 mph. Based in Ely, a 4,255-person main-street town where you can easily imagine a gunfight outside a brothel, the Silver State Classic is a gearhead's Burning Man – you can see a GMC pickup out-drag a Ferrari 458 Italia, or a Corvette tow a 190-mph Saab Sonnett to the starting line.

But the best part is that you don't need a wild car. One guy drove a Hyundai Elantra and flogged that little car up to 118 mph, without fear of blue lights. And it was probably the most glorious feeling in the world.

Getting there: Meet in Las Vegas, and then caravan with the other racers 240 miles north to Ely. Silver State Classic Challenge racing fees begin at $560.