Utah: A Summer Bobsled
Credit: Courtesy Utah Olympic Park

At Utah Olympic Park in Park City, summer is the ideal time to bobsled. For $75, you can strap on a helmet, duck behind a driver, and bomb down the entire 1,676-meter track. With no running start, the wheeled rig rattles slowly over concrete until the course takes over. By the third of 15 curves, you're banking high on the wall, neck straining against 5 G's as you approach 80 mph, dropping 37 stories in less than a minute before the final curve turns uphill. Not enough action? Try the rope course, free-fall tower, zip line, and ski jump with a splash pool for landings. Sochi 2014, here you come.

Getting there: From Salt Lake City, drive 40 miles southeast to Park City. Stay at the five-star Hotel Park City before heading to Olympic Park.