Wisconsin: A Midwest Supper Club
Credit: Narayan Mahon

When the sun touches the tops of the trees in the Northwoods, there's just one thing to do: Head to the local supper club, as Wisconsinites have done for generations. The supper club is where everyone meets on summer nights to drink and feast in a nostalgic, hearty, and wholly democratic place, a small-town restaurant that's half neighborhood dinner party, half traditional village pub. Drink an old-fashioned cocktail in the wood-paneled tavern room, and then adjourn to the dining room for a multicourse dinner served by friendly, uniformed waitresses. Start with the state delicacy: deep-fried cheese curds.

Getting there: Minneapolis/St. Paul has connecting flights to the Rhinelander airport. Once you land, it's just 15 minutes to a warm home-cooked meal at the Al-Gen.