Cars get smart.

A glance at the CES show floor makes it clear that the gadget and gearhead worlds have collided: Samsung is showcasing the BMW i3, which can be unlocked by the Galaxy Gear smartwatch (pictured), which also displays vehicle data, and Panasonic is spotlighting the Tesla Model S to remind consumers that Panasonic built the batteries. An even bigger deal: Google announced the Open Automotive Alliance, a partnership with Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai, and chipmaker Nvidia to collaborate on a standardized Android ecosystem for autos. If it's a success, the alliance could foster more intuitive interfaces and safety controls that would limit distractions rather than create them. American muscle is also on view: Chevy unveiled a stat-collecting racing camera for its 2015 Corvette, and Ford hauled a Mustang in to show off an easy-to-use voice-control system.

In pizza news: Domino's unveiled a new way to order pies through Ford's Sync infotainment system.