Homes get monitored.

We've heard about the smart home for years, but the perfectly synced, standardized, every appliance-humming-together domicile is still a distant dream. Still, we're getting closer. LG and Samsung both showed off connected kitchen appliances (a refrigerator that can remind you what you're out of), along with platforms to control them remotely. The lowly Crock-Pot is even getting a high-tech upgrade thanks to Belkin's WeMo home automation platform – the new slow cooker's time and temperature features can be controlled remotely via an iOS or Android app. 

Automated security cameras were also everywhere. Among the coolest was Piper (pictured), a panoramic camera that records video when it senses an important event occurring (the dog tearing up your sofa, for instance), stops recording five seconds afterward, then stores the footage on the cloud and makes it viewable on your device.