Stephen Curry Is Magic
Credit: Rocky Widner / NBAE / Getty Images

Golden State is the most exciting team in the league – the Clippers finish a close second – and Stephen Curry is the most exciting Warrior. With Klay Thompson, he makes up what's probably the best shooting backcourt in history. But Curry is a unique specimen. Here's why:

  • His range is pretty much unlimited.
  • His release might be quicker than Ray Allen's.
  • He's as accurate off the dribble as spotting up.
  • He can shoot from virtually any angle and in any situation: floaters, sky-high finger rolls, reverses. It makes no difference. 

With the possible exception of Chris Paul, Curry is also the best ball handler and passer (bonus points for his Pete Maravich-like creativity) in the league. One knock on the Warriors is their turnover rate, but the upside of the freewheeling brand of ball Mark Jackson has them playing that it's fun as hell to watch.

Unfortunately, the Warriors are playing the Clippers in the first round, one of the toughest draws in the post season. Size was already a problem for Golden State in the matchup and things got a lot harder when center Andrew Bogut (he of the wonderfully unnecessary behind-the-back passes) went down with a broken rib. David Lee, who's just back from rehabbing his nerve-damaged leg, and old guy Jermaine O'Neal will have to fill the middle, and try to minimize the damage from Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. It's the sharpshooters versus the high flyers, and it's going to be one of the best series in the playoffs.