Use Tor (via Safeplug).

Perhaps you've heard of Tor, the non-profit anonymizing service that routes its users' internet activity through a winding chain of international data connections, confounding nearly every attempt to identify the source of that activity. As effective as Tor is, it requires sacrifice, and discipline – you must use the Tor browser, which is aggressively clunky, and any number of actions, from opening a downloaded document while online to using a browser plug-in (like a video player), can undo your attempts at remaining anonymous. Luckily, there's an easier way to harness Tor's data-bouncing network, with PogoPlug's $49 SafePlug, a box that attaches to your internet router, and automatically redirects all internet activity through Tor. Pages and files load more slowly with SafePlug, but you can use any browser, and set specific, less-vulnerable devices (such as an internet-connected TV) to bypass it.