Head North with Billy Bob Thornton
Credit: Jonathan Leibson / Getty Images

Billy Bob Thornton, actor, director, and musician

"Well, I've always been a baseball player and fan, and so my summer's not complete unless the Cardinals win. They came close last year, what with getting into the World Series and all, but it was a bit of a crushing defeat. Beyond that, I have a nine-year-old daughter, so my summer's not complete if I don't take her out and do the things she wants to do. She's really into the outdoors, and we live near Will Rodgers State Park, and so we go there to hike and explore all the trails there.

In the heart of summer, we head up to Northern California, where her mom's family and my family all happen to live. That's one of my favorite places because LA gets unbearably hot in the summer. And while Northern California will warm up, it's not excruciating. So my daughter and I like to hike and explore all the hidden beach towns there, which are all along the coast. We recently discovered an area called Avila beach which is really beautiful. But I really love Stinson beach, too, which has this lost-beach-town sort of vibe. So we hike and enjoy the scenery and really have a wonderful summer. Sometimes I go to Santa Cruz, which I really like. I'm not a pot smoker though, so I don't really get involved in the local pastime much."