Credit: Photograph by Talia Herman

Because selvage jeans normally come with longer inseams than anything you'd buy at Levi's, you'll have to decide if or how you want to cuff them before getting them hemmed. While the decision to cuff comes down to personal preference, there are two standard cuffing options.

Single roll: This can be a thick, thin, or very skinny cuff and is created by simply flipping the bottom of your jeans up and smoothing the fabric into place. The thickness will depend largely on the type of shoe you'll be wearing. Thick cuffs pair well with boots and thick-soled shoes. Thin cuffs are a better fit for narrower, flatter footwear and can look better if you're short, stocky, or broad. As for the super-skinny cuff, beyond the aesthetic appeal, it's often just a vehicle for showing off a selvage line.

Double roll: Just as it sounds, this type of cuff involves folding up the jean's bottom once and then up once again. Use this option to create a more substantial cuff with a polished, even appearance. Like the single roll, this cuff can be thick, thin, or skinny, depending on your style goals. For a super finished look, break out the iron and press the roll into shape before wearing.