The best brands
Credit: Photograph by Talia Herman

Ready to start shopping? Check out these noteworthy brands.

Nudie Jeans Co.: This Swedish clothing company makes long-wearing jeans manufactured in Italy using Italian and Japanese denim. The price point makes them a good choice for first-timers and there is nothing complicated here.

A.P.C.: Slimmer men's silhouettes are part of this French brand's offerings, as are five-pocket styles inspired by jeans but available in alternative fabrics such as corduroy.

Iron Heart: Prizing durability above all else, this brand is known for its heavyweight styles constructed of American cotton.

Gustin: This startup denim label crowd-funds new products into production at prices far lower than you'd normally find for selvage and raw denim styles.

Sugar Cane and Co.: This Japanese brand makes its jeans out of, well, sugar cane. The results are refined, if a bit stiff, and break in extremely well.