Align the Front Door
Credit: Getty Images

When the front door sags – and it will eventually sag – your instinct may be to sand it down so it fits back into the frame. Don't. Carolla says this is a big mistake because the shape of the door and the size of frame didn't change: "Everybody goes and gets out the sanding block or the planer or the circular saw and says, 'Well, if it's dragging at the bottom, I'll have to trim the bottom.'" Instead, focus on the way the door hangs.

"You need to straighten it back up, not start taking material off," says Carolla, adding that the best way to start is by tightening the hinges. He says to slip a piece of cardboard underneath the door to keep it in place while you unscrew the hinges and give the screw another twist. Once that's accomplished, you can look and see if you really need to adjust the deadbolt hole.