Cover Vents
Credit: Getty Images

Don't blame mice for being mice. If animals are living in your home despite your wishes, you're probably at fault. There's a simple way to keep them out or convince them to leave: find and plug holes. "Walk around your house, you're going to see vents," Carolla recommends. "Vents up in the attic, under the eaves that lead under the crawlspace of the house. I'll guarantee at least three-quarters of the houses you walk around, you'll see that the wire is pulled back, that the guy, the plumber who was under the house to do some stuff, he never put the access cover back on right. It's loose. It's just sitting there." 

Carolla recommends going to Home Depot and getting a vent (or six, they don't cost much) and cutting off access to warm, dark places. There's no need to host unwanted housemates.