Maintain the Washer and Dryer
Credit: Francis Black / Getty Images

Having a washer and dryer is a luxury most people take for granted, but if the machines aren't maintained they can become a ticking time-bomb. "When it comes to your washer and dryer, replace those hoses every few years," Carolla says, adding that it's worth paying extra for the steel braided hoses over the rubber ones. "If you leave your house and a pipe bursts, the entire house will be ruined and there'll be mold growing and floors will be buckling."

Carolla also recommends installing automatic shut-off valves so your washer doesn't run endlessly if you're on the road or at work. A different approach? Just turn the whole thing off. "I can never get my wife to do this, but I mean, there should be a valve that you shut off, when you're not using your washing machine," he says.