Approach: Pick a target.
Credit: David Cannon / Getty Images

Unless you're playing at a fancy country club or have snuck onto a Tour-level course, you're probably acting as your own caddie. Scott has in his employ New Zealander Steve Williams, the man who helped Tiger Woods win 13 of his 14 Majors, including three Masters titles. Caddies like Williams, of course, do more than carry the clubs, balls, and mid-round snacks. In having a voice on every shot, Williams will give Scott every piece of information he wants: yardage, wind conditions and, very likely, talk of targets. If you're watching him on TV, you'll see him get his yardage book out of his back pocket most often on this iron shot. "Once you're hitting at the green, you have to be very precise with your target," Scott says. "More than anything, you want to be focusing on that target, whether it's the pin or over a bunker at a tree beyond the green whatever your line is." In other words, aiming for the hole or the middle of the green doesn't mean you'll end up there and, depending on the shape and slope of the green, you might be better off above or below the hole or even on either side of it.

What Scott uses: Titleist MB Forged Irons.