Drive: Let the club work.
Credit: Gerry Melendez / The State / Getty Images

The average off-the-tee shot on the PGA Tour travels 286.1 yards before coming to rest on grass or among the trees, while each of the circuit's 10 longest hitters average 300-plus yards of distance. And because many of us think we can do what we have seen done by the pros, we run into a problem. "Everyone wants to drive the golf ball far. That's the first thing, and I fully agree with that – that's what the driver is made for," Scott says. "But the most important thing is hitting it down the middle. So swing within yourself. The club will do the work for you as long as hit the ball down the middle." To do this, emphasize rhythm over acceleration from the start of your backswing. We can't all be Tiger Woods.

What Scott uses: Titleist 913 D3 Driver