Sand-trap: Take a full swing to get out.
Credit: Harry How / Getty Images

It's a cruel and illogical Catch-22: Those of us who most frequently end up in bunkers, both in the fairway and around the green, have the hardest time getting out of them. Practice pays off, one would think, but only if you have the right technique in mind. Scott does. "The best thing you can do out of a bunker is to always take a full swing and imagine that you're taking the sand, with the line of a dollar bill," he says. "So you're going to enter a couple inches behind the ball and leave a couple beyond it, just like a dollar bill was lying in the sand." Maintaining this consistent approach to this situation – as opposed to varying your swing lengths and depths with each hack – begets more consistent results and less double-bogeys.

What Scott uses: Titleist Spin Milled Vokey Wedge.