Mid 1970s to 1982 Corvette
Credit: Alamy

The third generation Corvette marked the last of the Sting Rays, the classic sweeping body that made the brand stick out from the rest of the muscle car heap. "This is a true period car," Gwynn says. "All the Corvettes from 1963 through 1982 were closely related until Chevy totally changed the body style in 1983." Cars were being transformed during that era due to new emissions and safety standards. Chrome bumpers were being eliminated in favor of chunkier bumpers that would actually protect motorists. Most Corvettes manufactured in this era came with a 350 ci small block. Those looking for more torque and horsepower will want to find a Corvette with the optional 454 ci big block engine. Steer clear of the underpowered 305 ci V8 gas saver from 1980. Show-quality Corvettes from this period sell for well over $100,000, but those suited for regular duty sell for $15,000 to $22,000.