Don't go to Montréal.
Credit: Hiroyuki Matsumoto / Getty Images

North Americans in search of a French fix tend to default to Montréal. Though there is a lot  to do in Canada's second largest city, travelers looking for a more Gallic experience would be wise to set their sights on Québec City – the capital of Québec province and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Québec City is more than 400 years old and the architecture in Vieux-Québec is far more French than anything in Montréal. But it's the cuisine that's really turning heads here lately. Dine on foie gras, Quebec cheeses (the province produces over 300 varieties), and lobster with truffles in the cozy "winter garden" at Le Saint-Amour or opt for something easier on the wallet at the retro-inspired La Cuisine, a restaurant that morphs into a dance bar at night. Order the bouilli (beef stew à la pot roast), an unpretentious comfort food that, like Québec City, is the ultimate in all things Québecois.