Gunter Hotel Barbershop (San Antonio, Texas)
Credit: George Doyle / Getty Images

The original Gunter Hotel basement barbershop was built in 1909. Back then, it was a club for well-heeled men and was replete with porters, 18 leather-upholstered porcelain barber chairs, and hand-carved wooden cabinetry. While the shop has lost a bit of its swagger over the years – it downsized and moved across the hall – it is still a singularly masculine hideaway. Lee Bosman took over the place in 1975 after retiring from the Navy and outfitted the place with antique furniture. The coat rack is 90 years old, and the sinks are original. [Haircut, neck shave, and shoulder massage, $20; 205 E. Houston St., 210-227-3241]