Angeles Crest Highway (California)
Credit: Getty Images

This 66-mile stretch of wide sweepers and mountainous ascents links the bedroom communities of La Cañada and Flintridge to the sleepy Southern California ski town of Wrightwood. Affectionately referred to as "The Crest" by foolhardy locals, who attempt to break personal land speed records on the straight bits, these two lanes of bliss attract more than their fair share of knee-dragging motorcyclists. These gentlemen find their way back down the mountain in the back seat of a squad car or an ambulance on a startlingly regular basis.

Though the road itself is a destination for two- and four-wheeled thrill seekers, it's also a delightfully roundabout way of getting from the Los Angeles basin to the high desert speed mecca of Willow Springs Raceway, making Angeles Crest a double win in our books.