Denali Highway (Alaska)
Credit: Getty Images

Alaska Route 8, better known as The Denali Highway, runs through some of Alaska's most beautiful untouched wilderness. Unlike most highways, the 135-mile stretch between the Richardson and Parks Highways isn't dotted with rest stops, McDonald's, or gas stations. It is barely two cars wide and remains closed more than half the year (October to May, or through the Alaskan winter). More importantly, the Denali is mostly unpaved and can be incredibly rough, with long stretches of potholes and washboards. Even so, the bumpy ride can be fun for rally-racing enthusiasts and off-roaders looking for a thrill.

Beware: The dirt and gravel road winds through untouched mountain ranges and taiga just south of Denali National Park. Aggressive drivers would do well to watch closely for wildlife. Bears and moose will total a car and then get started on a driver.