Lower Wacker Drive (Illinois)
Credit: Terrence Antonio James / Chicago Tribune / MCT

Lower Wacker Drive, named for the great civil engineer Charles Wacker, is a 2.2-mile multi-tier thoroughfare on the south side of Chicago. While Upper Wacker handles local traffic, Lower Wacker is for faster-moving through-traffic. And it just might be the most famous road on this list. Despite a distinct lack of loveliness (it's encased in concrete), Lower Wacker has served as the setting of so many Hollywood car chases that it deserves a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. 'Batman Begins,' 'Wanted,' and most notably 'The Blues Brothers' – to name just a few – all feature action segments shot on Lower Wacker. Before renovations removed some of the pillars from the drive last year, barriers and other hazards made Lower Wacker extremely dangerous. Rumor has it that most locals would close their eyes, hit the gas, and hope for the best when trying to navigate the twisting, tunnel-like roadway. There may be a fast lane now, but it is only for the experienced and for career criminals careening toward Daley Plaza.