Road to Hana (Hawaii)
Credit: Getty Images

One curious thing you might notice about the road to Hana is the high incidence of newlyweds and the very specific way they tend to drive this two-lane blacktop, which meanders along stunningly scenic cliffs and lushly vegetated valleys. Men tend to drive the outbound portion from Kahului to Hana, while the return route is usually handled by women. Why the discrepancy? Local lore suggests the hubbies attack the twisties with stomach-churning enthusiasm, which spawns such deep levels of annoyance from the fairer sex that they insist on tackling the return trip themselves.

Whether or not the legend is true, the fact that it exists speaks volumes to the visceral appeal of this 68-mile expanse that features dizzying views, narrow one-lane bridges, and more tropical waterfalls than you can shake a palm tree at.