The Champlain Loop (New York)
Credit: Alamy

If you've ever made the ski season trip from New York City to Vermont via the Adirondack Northway (U.S.-87), you've probably taken this route. Follow New York 9N/22 to Bridge Road (186), which will take you into Vermont. Once you are in the Green Mountain State, pick up Route 17 towards Vergennes then Route 7N to Burlington. The trip is about 50 miles. For the most part, it's a two-lane adventure, comprised of rolling hills, long sweeping turns, and tight s-curves that snake through some of the state's most beautiful countryside. The off-camber, yet impeccably maintained, asphalt allows for lots of ups and downs – more than a bouncy castle.

You can really build up a head of steam here. Beware, though. Tractors and cows emerge from the farms that surround the roadway, often without warning, and small-town cops are always on the alert for fast-moving city folk coming up to congest their quaint little northeastern towns.