UT 80 (Utah)
Credit: Alamy

The Bonneville Salt Flats are famous for serving as a setting for land speed record attempts – England's Malcolm Campbell was knighted after breaking the 250 mph barrier here in 1937 – and car commercials. The desert is flat, hot, and featureless. The sole streak of black across this white expanse is Interstate 80, which runs close to 42 miles between Wendover, on the Nevada border, and a 30 degree pivot on the other side of the flats without bending or turning. Arguably the longest stretch of straight highway in the U.S., this asphalt line attracts drivers eager to hit the gas. Because there are basically no features to interfere with anyone's line of sight, aggressive drivers can look out for the police while bombing down this straightaway. Can and do. Hit the road at the right time, truckers tend to make their way across in the evenings, and you won't have to touch the brakes once. One piece of advice: Bring sunglasses.