4. San Francisco, California
Credit: Marcus Lindstram / Getty Images

Notoriously healthy San Fran ranks high for having low rates of diabetes and heart disease and very few smokers. The city is famous for its healthy food scene and bounty of fresh, locally-grown produce. This makes eating right at home or out on the town a whole lot easier than in, say, low-ranking New Orleans, where fried-catfish po'boys are de rigeur. As far as fitness goes, the city's temperate climate makes it easy for residents to take full advantage of the many parks and trails, not to mention the easy access to several state parks, shorelines, and open spaces nearby that offer great hiking, biking, and bouldering. One knock against the Bay Area is many people report having not-so-great mental health. We're betting the sky-high cost of living and stress-ridden tech world play a big part in that.