Calories in a Can
Credit: Gene Page / AMC

Rites of passage into manhood come in a variety of strange ways (young men of the island nation of Vanuatu go land diving, for example). In The Walking Dead, manliness comes with the consumption of a 112-ounce can of chocolate pudding. At least it did for Carl, who proved he was no longer a boy when he ate what might be the most amount of pudding ever consumed on camera in season four's mid-season premiere. The most basic survival guides suggest that canned meats, vegetables, and fruits are the best foods to have on hand in case of emergency, especially those preserved in a liquid (which can be used to replace some drinking water). While Dessinger admits that he doesn't eat much canned food, he notes that, "If I found a stash of canned food and had to leave, I would take the stuff with the most calories per unit of weight." Note: Our estimates put that can of pudding at around 4,500 calories.