Tony Hawk
Credit: Joe Scarnici / Getty Images

Skate parks and boardrooms are very different places, but Tony Hawk, who made less money as an athlete than the other men on this list, has always been comfortable in both. The retired X Games competitor has a skateboard company, a wildly popular video game franchise, a clothing line at Kohl's, and a lucrative gig as a commentator. To say the least, the peripatetic Birdman stays busy. In addition, the Tony Hawk Foundation brings skate parks to low-income neighborhoods and its namesake is known for his various other charitable ventures.

In 'How Did I Get Here: The Ascent of an Unlikely CEO,' Hawk tells children to find their passions and "put in the sweat to get really good at it. That means spending a lot of time at it. Take pride in being defined as obsessive."

Estimated Net Worth: $120 million