Leobo Private Reserve, South Africa
Credit: Getty Images

You'll get plenty of chances for game drives at the Leobo Private Reserve in South Africa's Waterberg Mountains, but you might be a bit distracted by the other available activities. Equal parts lodge and camp-for-adults, Leobo offers crocodile tug-o-war, quad bike racing, and helicopter paintball among other bizarre pastimes dreamed up by eccentric IT millionaire Rory Sweet.

At night, visitors head to the observatory, where a NASA-grade telescope provides breathtaking views of the heavens. The immediate surrounds aren't bad either. The building, designed by iconic architects Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens, is almost carnivorously opulent. A chandelier made from hippo bones hangs above a table and below a ceiling stitched together from wildebeest hides. The place feels like a refuge for both animals and childhood dreams.

More information: Other activities on this 12,000-acre private reserve include cheetah belly rubbing (the manager's two cheetahs purr loudly), hippo camping, and classic-movie watching in a 007-inspired sunken lounge.