Ol Jogi Ranch, Kenya
Credit: Martin Harvey / Getty Images

The private, 58,000-acre estate of billionaire horse breeder and art dealer Alec Wildenstein will open for the first time to the safari-going public in 2014. That's big news if you want a classic, high-end experience in Africa. Visitors to Ol Jogi will be able to go on game drives at any hour of the day and lounge about afterward in the bulletproof glass room next to the pool while quaffing carefully selected French wines. Wildenstein's tastes always ran to the over-the-top – his highly publicized divorce from Jocelyn Perisset, a Swiss pilot whom he met on his ranch, revealed diverse holdings including a $10-million jewelry collection and a capuchin monkey named May Moon. Bottom line: Don't expect to rough it here.

Still, nature dominates. The estate overlooks Mount Kenya and the many surrounding lakes, outcroppings, and rolling hills. Herds of rhino pass by and the wildlife rescue center on-site facilitates closer interactions with the fauna. The sunsets are big and, if everyone didn't drink so much wine, the sunrises would have their own special appeal. As for the locals, a Maasai cultural village provides an earthy and welcoming break from all those trappings. Simplicity never looked so good.

More information: One week with up to 14 guests, including early morning horseback rides, late night hammam sessions, private guides, a gym and yoga studio, all meals and fine wines runs $210,000. To book, email Carol@oljogihome.com.