Perception Expression 15.0


You would be hard-pressed to find a more capable, comfortable sea kayak at a better price than this 15-footer. Though the V-hulled Expression 15.0 is slightly shorter than conventional sea kayaks, it never made us feel the difference: The Expression 15.0 offered surprising speed and glide, comparable to those of a 17-foot boat. As we paddled up-current in a 25-mph headwind, this 57-pound, roto-molded plastic craft felt nimble – it also stayed smooth and stable when caught in wakes from a passing barge and a large off-cabin cruiser. Short of a serious open-ocean crossing, the Expression 15.0 can handle it all. And the craft's smaller size makes it easier to transport to shove-off spots and store in the off-season. [$1,000;]

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