Xtracycle Cargo Joe

Substitute Xtracycle's FreeRadical Classic cargo extension in place of the standard rear wheel on Tern Bicycles' full-sized Joe folder and what you get is the Cargo Joe. The central hinge shrinks the bike down to just 50-inches long for more compact storage, but the ride overall feels rock-solid on the road. A pair of capacious FreeLoader panniers and a plastic upper deck are included and, like the EdgeRunner, the Cargo Joe is fully compatible with Xtracycle's enormous range of LT cargo accessories, so you can hit the grocery store straight out of the box or tailor the setup to your needs.

The Cargo Joe is cheaper than most cargo bikes – especially considering what's included – but it's reflected in the build kit with is low-end 2x7-speed transmission and basic rim brakes (there is no provision for discs). The pre-configured combo isn't actually cheaper than buying the bike and cargo kit separately, either. [$1,000; xtracycle.com]