Deschutes Black Butte (Porter)

As the football teams start positioning themselves for a playoff run, the mercury drops ever faster, and we reach for ever darker and sturdier beers to warm us up at our tailgate parties. Enter the Deschutes Black Butte Porter. While it has languished for years as the Stout's misunderstood cousin, the robust Porter is ready for its moment in the spotlight. In truth, the line between the two styles is fuzzy, but porters generally lack the coffee notes found in stouts. What you do get in a porter is a strong and malty beer with a full body and a roasty character.

Other great choices include Anchor Porter, which was the first porter brewed in America after Prohibition. Firestone Walker Walker's Reserve is also a fantastic choice. The charred-malt flavors in all these beers will keep you warm on the coldest days and stand up to the biggest flavors that you can think of throwing on the grill.