Founder's Centennial (IPA)

If your tailgate features spicy food, there's no better way to tame the fire than to reach for an American-style IPA. These pale ales get their intense flavor from the copious hops that brewers add to their brew kettles. All those hops translate to intense bitterness but also pungent citrus and pine aromas, a great way to deliver flavors that cut right through the potent heat of chili peppers.

Founder's IPA showcases the grapefruit flavors of the centennial hop variety in its Centennial IPA, but most breweries mix hop varieties for maximum effect. The combination of hops that Lagunitas uses in its IPA achieves a nearly juicy fruit pungency. East Coast breweries such as Harpoon have historically been more conservative with bitterness and hop flavors in favor of a balancing malt character, but they still make fine IPAs. Harpoon's is available in cans.