Credit: San Jose Hotel

"A lot of people, when they have a hangover, the first thing they want is a Bloody Mary or a Mimosa," says McGarry. "The first thing I want, for sure, is a pint of Guinness." And while we heartily endorse the undeniable pleasures of a perfectly poured Irish stout to clear your mind and improve your spirits, we'd be remiss if we didn't recommend a more dressed-up take on the breakfast beer: The Michelada, a cerzeva preparada that resembles the brunch-cliché Bloody Mary, but with the added refreshing snap of a Mexican lager. The version served at the San Jose Hotel in Austin, Texas, is famed for its careful balance and spicy sharpness, combining lime juice, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and freshly cracked black pepper into an elegant bed over which to pour a can of Modelo Especial. For an extra flavor boost, you can use a darker beer like Negro Modelo or Brazilian Xingu black lager.

Rim a 20 oz glass with sea salt.

Fill with ice.

Pour the following ingredients:
• 1/4 inch of fresh squeezed lime juice
• Heavy splash of soy sauce
• Heavy splash of Worcestershire sauce
• Light splash of Tabasco sauce (or a heavier splash for more spice)

Crack fresh pepper over the ice. Fill glass with a Modelo Especial (or alternate beer). Garnish with a lime.