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Though described unappetizingly by some as a cross between a watery potato and an apple, jicama is fiber- and mineral- rich, has a great, crisp texture, and a neutral flavor, making it a healthy way to feel full for longer (and eat less, allowing you to stay trim and . And luckily, many grocery stores now carry it in their produce section.

Here's a simple, delicious, high-nutrition but low-calorie recipe that will complement your big green salad and protein shake for dinner:

Jicama sticks
Slice the Jicama length-wise into sticks that are a quarter-inch square in profile, as you would a potato when making fries. Rub each one with lemon juice, then add at bit of cayenne pepper and a small amount of sea salt. Enjoy as a snack, an appetizer or as a side with dinner.

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