Omission's IPA, Lager, and Pale Ale
Credit: Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

The first traditionally brewed gluten-free IPA, Omission’s brew uses aggressive Western hops like Cascade and Summit but is not too bitter, thanks in part to its muscular 6.7 percent alcohol content. It’s a prime example of how versatile the Omission process is, letting the original flavor of this West Coast IPA shine (a sorghum-based beer we tried with these same hops was so bitter it was unpalatable). Omission's Lager is a more traditional, crisp, easy-drinking European-style beer that also uses the process while the Pale Ale has plenty of hoppy bite (but not quite as much as the IPA)

How It’s Made: Brewed traditionally with full-gluten malt. The protein is then broken down with the Brewer’s Clarex enzyme.