Prepare for the cookout.
Credit: Getty Images

Cooking Countdown: -5.5 Hours (Or the Day Before)
• Make salsa verde and marinade for beef
• Make tapenade and marinade for chicken
• Make dry rub for ribs
• Make the mignonette
• Make baba ganoush
• Boil, mash, and shape potatoes into patties

Cooking Countdown: -4 Hours
• Dry-rub ribs, put in oven
• Put chicken and beef into marinades, refrigerate
• Prep slaw and put into serving bowl with tongs

Cooking Countdown: -3 Hours
• If using real wood, start fire

Cooking Countdown: -2.5 Hours
• Prep Red Beer
• Clean and refrigerate oysters

Cooking Countdown: -2 Hours
• Take chicken and beef out of fridge
• If cooking on charcoal or gas, light grill

Cooking Countdown: -1.5 Hours
• Grill eggplant and finish baba ganoush
• Set up self-serve Red Beers

Cooking Countdown: -15 minutes
• Grill prosciutto for oysters, chop
• Grill pita, put baba ganoush and pita into serving bowls

Cooking Countdown: 0 Hours
• When guests arrive, grill oysters. Fry potato patties.

Cooking Countdown: +15 minutes
• Put chicken on the grill

Cooking Countdown: +30 mins
• Put steak on the grill

Cooking Countdown: +45 mins
• Remove chicken and steak from grill, let rest
• Put ribs on grill