Lacoste Noir

Wearing like a distinguished olfactory polo that's perfect for warm summer nights, Lacoste's new scent unexpectedly opens up on the bright side – bottled afternoon breeze, really – giving you subtle hints of watermelon, lavender, verbena (think lemon), and Egyptian basil. The light aroma lingers about as long as a good dusk, before unfolding into something chocolaty warm and ever so musky. There's patchouli in it, but you'd hardly notice because its final destination is swanky sweet. Basically, a smart and sophisticated scent for just about any warm weather occasion that comes accompanied with a view of the sunset.

Lacoste Noir also has something called Cyclodextrin in it, which sounds like something your doctor might prescribe, right? In truth, it's a sugar-based molecule that allows the scent to release more intensely over a longer period of time and keeps the scent working, even through sweat.

As with the rest of the bottles in the Lacoste line of fragrances (which launched back in 2011), Noir's inky black, glass flacon eschews the usual trappings of preciousness that even the most masculine of scents can be accused of embracing, since it comes with a no-nonsense texturized grip on either side. Just try not to throw it or slam it down, okay? [$41 for 1 oz;]