Arden Reed

The most tech-oriented of the affordable bespoke crowd, Arden Reed has taken to the streets in a tailoring truck containing a body scanner. Snappy dressers climb into the black caravan after making an online appointment for the day the service is in town and have their measurements recorded via the large device, which was purchased with Kickstarter funds. Once the numbers are crunched, Arden Reed promises its customers, largely a crowd of young professionals, to ship along form-hugging suits.

Arden Reed does conservative suiting extremely well so the brand is a good choice if you're looking for sharp shoulders, subtle pinstripes, and snazzy touches like red detailing on lapel buttonholes. The label's business model is all about repeat business – keeping customers information on file and making subtle adjustments over time – and the quality of the suits brings business back.

Cost: A businesslike charcoal suit will run you $397. The brand doesn't have many options yet, but everything they've got is great.

Convenience: Until Arden Reed has a larger fleet of tailoring trucks, getting measured will require a bit of planning. We expect (and hope) that it won't be long before these bespoke rigs become a common sight.