Sons & Daughters Phone Wallet

Best for: Phone, cards, and cash – without sacrificing a traditional wallet look.

Finally, a thoughtfully considered and beautifully executed phone wallet.

If you've ever gone hunting for a combo wallet and phone case, you know that most of what you find are essentially neon plastic phone clamshells with some card slots occasionally garnished with an integrated money clip. They're impractical at best. But the U.S.-made Sons & Daughters is a well-designed leather wallet first and a phone case second. The simplicity is the heart of the appeal: Just three pieces of leather come together to give you a big central phone pocket, an inner cards-and-cash pocket, and a quick-access card pocket on the back. A belt-like flap tucks over your phone and under a loop, making for a tidy package.

But is it practical and does it protect your phone? Yes. We found that answering calls took no longer than if we'd had our phones stashed in a pants pocket. A few fumbles over concrete convinced us that the leather provides even better shock absorption than the squishiest silicone cases. But the biggest sell was the convenience of having your phone and currency in a single handsome carrier. [$90;]