Stewart/Stand V-Pouch

Best for: Keeping your cards safe from identity thieves.

This is not your father's wallet – unless your dad is Robocop. Virtually any permutation of the pant stash you can imagine is available from this company, every single one using a woven stainless-steel fabric that's extremely tough yet surprisingly flexible. The entire Stewart/Stand line has a futuristic look and feel, but the steel isn't just for show. The material is also perfect for RFID-blocking, meaning you won't have to worry about identity thieves.

Innovative designs abound, but our favorite is the refreshingly simple, smart, and affordable V-Pouch. Essentially, it's a pocket for your pocket and its vertical orientation makes it work easily with even the tightest pair of jeans. You can run the V-Pouch slim, with a few cards and some cash, or stuff it to almost an inch thick, with a mini-Moleskine, a bunch of cards, and a hundred bucks in twenties. Don't worry about overstuffing. The side gussets are woven out of silver ballistic nylon. And note the V-neck: It gives easy access to folded cash or allows a debit-card quick-draw with a slide of the thumb. [$20.50;]