Victorinox Amsterdam Bi-Fold Wallet with Passcase

Best for: Traveling; two-in-one versatility.

If you're going big, make sure you've got a little backup. That's exactly what the Amsterdam provides: major organizational powers in a classic bi-fold, with a removable passcase (featuring two pockets, two card slots). The passcase alone is a light and fast piece that fits comfortably in a front pocket. The bi-fold, with its two billfolds, three pockets, and ten card slots, is ready to take on the bulk alone. Add it all up, and you get the idea.

Itinerant types will love the mobile-office setup, as will old-schoolers who never wander far beyond the city limits. What we all loved was the versatility and sturdy construction. And the soft napa leather, pretty much required in a piece designed to take on so much. But while it has the dimensions to handle a hoarder and become a pickpocket-inviting lump in your back pocket, it also fits nicely in the inside breast pocket of a jacket, especially if you left some slots empty.

If you are traveling, keep cash, ID, and essential cards on you in the passcase. Stash your other documents in the bi-fold and stick it in your carry-on. [$75;]