24 Hours of LeMons

The granddaddy of $500 amateur endurance car racing, LeMons as it's known, is the most popular race in the world in terms of participants. Over the previous seven years, LeMons has issued approximately 30,000 racing licenses, far eclipsing any other series. LeMons is more focused on everyone having a good time than real racing – for $500, after all, everyone has a clunker. However, with more than 100 cars on track at a time, there's more than plenty of on-track action to go around. You can crash, and you can get hurt, but the odds are much better that you just have fun. No experience racing on a road course is expected. All you need is one terrible car, three buddies, safety gear, and a solid, if not demented, sense of humor.

How to Enter
Where: Nationwide
When: Races happen basically every other weekend. Check the website for details.
Experience Needed: None.
Equipment: A used car – no more than $500 in value – and fireproof racing gear. You will also need tools and mechanical know-how.
Beware: Body odor, whiny drivers, quarter-scale replicas of the Space Shuttle riding atop Toyotas.