Frank Hawley Drag Racing School

If technically challenging road courses aren't your thing and all you want to do is go fast – very fast – in one single direction, then Frank Hawley's your man. Frank's school teaches you how to launch and drive an honest to goodness dragster, and offers loads of car options – the Super Comp, Super Gas, Alcohol, and Funny Car. Sign up for the Alcohol cars, and you can go 230mph in less than 6 seconds thanks to the 3,500hp engines. At the end, you'll wind up with an NHRA license in whatever class you attend, so you'll be able to competitively run 1,320 feet whenever you like. Perhaps most fun, get a bunch of buddies together and race side-by-side in actual elimination bracket races. 

How to Enter 
Where: Nationwide
Experience Needed: None.
Equipment: Provided
Beware: The drive home – where the speed limit just won't cut it.