Overland Experts

Learning to drive off road is no less challenging than other forms of high performance driving, but it is a lot slower. Overland Experts will take you out in 4x4 vehicles and teach you the skills needed to go practically anywhere. This is a curriculum-based training program, meaning that they give you the tools you need to not only learn to drive off road, but to excel at doing so. You'll also learn how to safely use a winch, slide over rocks, and ford streams. 95 percent of the world's roads are unpaved. You should probably learn how to drive on them. Don't forget to bring a set of HEX wrenches to remove the doors from the Jeep Wranglers.

How to Enter 
Where: Connecticut, North Carolina, Virginia
Experience Needed: None.
Equipment: All is provided. 
Beware: The deep mud – although getting stuck in it will provide you the opportunity to learn how to use a winch.