Skip Barber Racing School

Taking a high performance driving class is some of the best car related money you can spend. Learning that tires can only do one thing well at a time (accelerate, stop or turn) is an invaluable skill, as is learning how to control a slide by first learning how to get the car into one.

Once you've taken a swing at car control, though, it's time to step it up with racing lessons at a place like Skip Barber's Racing School. "One in three professional racecar drivers in motorsports is a Three Day Racing School Graduate," claims Barber. While you may not graduate in the top of your class, you will get to drive some pretty cool cars at Barber's like Porsche 911s, Mazda MX-5 Cup cars and Barber's own Formula Barber 200 open wheel racecar. Even better, Barber has schools on numerous tracks around the country including Lime Rock, Road Atlanta, VIR, and Watkins Glen. We suggest going to the Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, one of the most beautiful, historic and fun to drive tracks in the country.

How to Enter
Experience Needed: While not a prerequisite, taking the high performance classes before the racing classes is an excellent idea.
Equipment: None
Beware: Becoming the type of person who heels and toes around town.