Team O'Neil Rally School

Learning how to rally off-road is as much learning the art of car control as it is working as a team to achieve a common goal. Much more importantly, you get to bash on cars and get them filthy. All levels of Rally are covered at Team O'Neil Rally School, from the one-day course in a Ford Fiesta ST to the big daddy 5-day course where you'll learn how to communicate with your navigator in Rallying's own bizarre dialect, aka "pacenotes." Perhaps most appealing is the RWD Performance Driving course where you'll learn how to slide an old BMW around in gravel or execute a Scandinavian Flick, the sexiest way possible to get around a corner. 

How to Enter
Where: New Hampshire
Experience Needed: None.
Equipment: Provided.
Beware: A sudden obsession with flatbill hats and energy drinks, vertigo