How will the tournament teams be chosen?
Credit: Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

Next fall, the committee will begin meeting about four times in person, before selection Sunday. The first meeting will be in mid-October. And they will be evaluating teams, issuing interim rankings after every meeting. And then, of course, the big meeting will be on Selection Sunday, the weekend of the conference championship games. As for the polls and rankings, I expect all of those to continue, and there's certainly some benefit to the regular season by having those. But obviously there will not be any single metric that will inform the committee's decision. Instead, each of the members can use whatever metrics they choose individually to help them come up with their own feelings about the teams, and then they'll come together and combine all their individual feelings and produce their rankings. . . .

Every conference was invited to nominate people and that created a pool of a little over 100 people, and then the management committee – that's the 10 conference commissioners and the Notre Dame DA (Director of Athletics) – winnowed that number down and created classifications. They decided they wanted people with experience as coaches, players, administrators, journalists, and then they wanted sitting athletic directors. It was a matter of the group, by consensus, coming up with the people they wanted to represent each of the classifications.